6 thoughts on “پاریس-۱

  1. sahar

    vali hosnesh ine ke bishtar jetlagetoon ta iran ro posht sar mizarin, and you would avoid a long flight connection :)

  2. نازیلا ساکی

    گر به شوق کعبه خواهی زد قدم سرزنش ها گر کند پیر مغان غم مخور

  3. مطهره

    سلام رویا جون
    بابا آپ کن دیگه !
    عکس بذار برامون
    کی میرسین ایران؟

  4. Shirin

    Roya jaan, I love your weblog and read it regularly and find it very useful in my personal life with my 14 month daughter. I know you in person from university and enjoy reading whatever you write, I never write a comment except for my very close friends or people and weblogs that I deeply care about. Please keep up good job and never think of closing here. Thanks for being part of my life from far away.

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